Order details and Receiving Your Order

             This page is offers some questions for some final consideration to our new Clients ,In contact One-on-one customer service page, we arrange many gold customer service salesman and Complaint Manager, you can choose one of them to make the order ,tell them where are you from, which and how many products you want to order,Of course,they will become your own gardener,accompany you forever

Below are the most common questions our new Clients ask while awaiting the arrival of their first Order with us:-


When Shall I Collect My Tracking Information And Where Do I Tracking It?

Tracking information all can be get for you within 72hrs after the Order is placed From your One to One customer service. No matter which Courier you choose

Hkems and EMS get the tracking number within 24hrs

Fedex/TNT/UPS/DHL get the tracking number within 36hrs


The following is the each Courier tracking website




How Often Does Your Tracking Update On The EMS/HKEMS Website?

Your tracking information will update when it leaves China, there will then be a period of time without updates while the package travels to the destination Country which takes 3-5 days on average. The next update will be when the package arrives at the Destination Country, then when it enters Customs and when it leaves. The final update before delivery is shown when the package enters your local Sorting Facility, delivery is usually the following day at this point.

For Private Couriers there are updates multiple times per day.


What is the "Verification Code" on the EMS Website?

This is their security feature which will pop up when you click in the box. It is not something you are provided with by ourselves.


How Do I Know If My Package Is Seized?

Your package can ONLY be seized once it has shown to have entered Customs on your online Tracking Information. The average holding time for Customs is 24hrs to 3 days and where a package is held for 14+ days we automatically consider it seized and the package is elligible for Reshipment as per our Terms & Conditions.

The legal risks of having a Steroid Powder Order seized are non-eMost of the time you will not even receive a seizure letter and we have neverheard of any kind of follow up for any sized Steroid Powder/ Peptide/HGH onxistant to almost all Countries for all Order sizes (Except Iceland/Australia).


What Will The Products Be Labelled As?

The products are not labelled by their actual names; Key Codes are used. Your personal customer service will tell you each Key-Code of your order each time


How Should I Store The Steroid Powders To Keep Their Potency And How Long Do They Last For?

Steroid powders are stable for long periods of time without much effort. Please follow the basic Guilde Lines to ensure your Compounds stay free from degradation:-

- Keep the products out of direct sunlight

- Keep away from heat sources

- Keep away moisture sources


Following the above points your Compounds will last or up to 3 years without any kind of degradation.


The Tracking Is Live But Hasn't Updated Can You Tell Me What Is Going On?

Please also be aware that around Chinese Holidays the incidence of which possible delays occur is likely to increase as a result of the increased volume of Packages leaving China. If you are a Steroid Lab we advise to Order up to 4 weeks in advance of when you Order to ensure the products definitely arrive before they are required, 99% of the time the average T/A is 5-8 days from Order Placement.



Taigui steroids have a reshipment policy for every Country. Where an Order is held by Customs for 14 days we will automatically consider the Order seized and can arrange reshipment in accordance with the Terms and Conditions agreed to upon ordering.